Measuring Consumer Confidence isn’t useful anymore. Here’s what we should do instead

image: Alexandre Chambon

Three questions for the CCI

First, do we still want to maximise consumption? As the Beyond GDP series on this site reflects, there is a growing consensus that quantitative growth has outlived its use as the ultimate “end of chain” measure of societal success, and that some conception of well-being must replace it. The place of consumption as a driver of success must therefore also be open for question. Certainly, there is little evidence that consuming more per se drives greater well-being in any simple or direct manner, either at individual or societal scale. Even if we do still want to increase some consumption, the question of what kind is increasingly important.

What might replace the CCI?

What if we could build, in place of the CCI, a measure of people’s confidence in their capacities to meet the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s demands? What if we could develop an evidence-based indicator for productivity, participation and well-being, not just for consumption? What if a measure could be developed that helped us increase sense of purpose, personal power and social connection — the things we now know cause people to thrive? What if we could replace the Consumer Confidence Index with a Citizen Confidence Index?



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Jon Alexander

Jon Alexander


Co-Founder, New Citizenship Project and Author, CITIZENS: Why the Key to Fixing Everything is All of Us