The Nation You’re Not Allowed To Learn From

What if I told you there was a country of 23 million people that had pretty much got Covid-19 sorted?

A country that had had just 6 deaths and 429 confirmed cases as of April 30th, despite the first of those cases being confirmed on January 21st, almost six weeks before the UK.

A country that had figured out how to do tracking and tracing in a way that was compatible with privacy concerns, and even increased the ability of citizens to hold their government to account.

A country that was right at the leading edge globally in the development of both tests and vaccines.

A country that had just kicked off the new season of its most popular sport, albeit with stadia populated only with the odd atmosphere-generating robot.

A country that had even found a way to control the spread of misinformation — a horrendous side of the Covid-19 story that most of us don’t even realise is a problem, let alone a problem that one country has found a solution to.

And what if, to cap all that off, I told you that this country lies only 80 miles off the coast of mainland China, and that its capital city in particular has extensive trading links with Wuhan?

Rakuten baseball “fans” — image originally via Sky News

Welcome to Taiwan.

We need Health AND Privacy, not either/or

Why are we not listening?

activist / strategist / citizen / co-founder @NewCitProj / fellow @the_young_fdn @theRSAorg / member @CompassOffice @soclibforum

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